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history of lashes

a little history goes a long way.

Much of modern fashion and style has a long and interesting history. Makeup, hair care, and beauty enhancements go back centuries and have been a part of human society far longer than most people think. The history of eyelash extensions is especially interesting, and dates back further than most assume.

The idea of lengthening one’s eyelashes as a way of enhancing looks is not a new one. While not yet having developed a technique to do so at the time, many books and publications on fashion in the late 1800's advised on how to lengthen your eyelashes. In 1902 famous hair stylish and inventor Karl Nessler patented a method in the United Kingdom to weave artificial eyelashes and eyebrows, and by 1903 was selling artificial eyelashes in his salon in London.  As techniques improved, false eyelashes became very popular with the general public in the 1930's and again in the 1960's. 

By the 21st century more advanced eyelash extension methods came into use. Unlike the artificial eyelashes of the past modern eyelash extensions are far more precise. The eyelash extension treatment of today is said to have been developed in either Japan or Korea in the early 2000's (based off of older techniques). These methods achieved widespread use by 2004.