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advanced BC™

advanced BC™  course

Questions about this course? Please email


Who is this for?

  • Lash artists with certification in classic lashing

  • Professionals seeking to advance their skillset

  • Lash entrepreneurs wanting to offer a wider range of services to their current clients + to reach potential clients

What will you learn?

  • Lash theory overview and volume lash theory

  • Volume lashing

  • Advanced lashing techniques
    - Application
    - Corrective Gap
    - Corrective Placement

How will you learn? 

  • One day lash theory and practical

  • Two mandatory in-house practical sessions

  • Eight other practical sessions in-house or elsewhere (minimum)



Day 1

10 - 1: Theory

1 - 2: Lunch

2 - 5: Practical

Students are required to bring 1 model from 2pm

1 Student per class

Classic Lash certification required


Day 2 + 3

Students have 3 months to practice as frequently as they can, to complete 10 models with volume lash models and 10 models with bottom lashes.

Of these 10 models, 2 must be completed at Babe Cave under supervision of the educator.

The other 8 models can be done at Babe Cave or elsewhere.

Day 4

Within the three months of practice, students must book their exam date. 

Before booking your exam you must complete 10 models and submit your 5 best before and after photos taken of volume lashes and bottom lashes done on different models during your practice to be approved. 

The theory exam {multiple choice} requires a pass mark of 80% or over. 
The practical exam has a 90% pass requirement {full volume set within 3 hours, bottom lash application, proper technique, proper pre-application steps, proper aftercare instructions}

Students are required to bring 1 model for the practical exam



1x white collar adhesive (5ml)

1x pair of volume stainless steel professional lash forceps

1x volume tray LENGTH 8mm C Curl 0.07

1x volume tray LENGTH 9mm C Curl 0.07

1x volume tray LENGTH 10mm C Curl 0.07

1x volume tray LENGTH 11mm C Curl 0.07

1x volume tray LENGTH 12mm C Curl 0.07

1x volume tray LENGTH 13mm C Curl 0.07

1x 12 pack disposable mascara wands 

1x 12 pack micro swabs

1x 10 pack of lint-free under eye patches

1x pack of glue & lash ring

1x roll of surgical tape

1x 15 pack of BC disposable glue card 

1x boy bye adhesive remover

Cost: $1200 USD | $8500 TTD