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beginner BC™

beginner BC™  course

Questions about this course? Please email


Who is this for?

  • Absolute beginners who are eager to become certified, internationally recognized lash artists

  • Lash professionals seeking to develop their skillset and confidence

  • Lash artists looking to reintroduce themselves into the industry

What will you learn?

  • Lash history

  • Lash theory

  • Practical lashing skills

How will you learn? 

  • One day lash theory and practical

  • Two mandatory in-house practical sessions (Trinidad Only)

  • Continuous photo feedback via E-mail

  • Eight other practical sessions in-house or elsewhere (minimum)




Day 1

10 - 1: Theory

1 - 2: Lunch

2 - 5: Practical

Students are required to bring 1 model from 2pm

No prerequisite required

2 students per class


Day 2 + 3

Students have 3 months to practice as frequently as they can, completing a minimum of 10 models.

Of these 10 models, 2 must be completed at Babe Cave under supervision of the educator.

The other 8 models can be done at Babe Cave or elsewhere.

International Training:

Students will be required to submit bi-monthly photos for feedback completing a minimum of 20 models. Students will still be given 3 months to complete the course.

Day 4

Within the three months of practice, students must book their exam date. 

Before your exam, you must complete 10 models and submit your 5 best before and after photos taken of different lash models you've worked on during your practice after your training day to be approved. You will also complete a theory exam and a practical exam. 

The theory exam {multiple choice} requires a pass mark of 80% or over. 

For the practical exam complete a full set within 2 hours using proper technique, proper pre-application steps, and proper aftercare instructions. A mark of 90% or over is required to pass.

Students are required to bring 1 model for the practical exam

International Practical:

Students will be required to submit a video showcasing the following requirements:

+Eye-patch Application
+Adhesive Control
+Forcep Pressure
+Placement (distance from Lash line)
+Proper Isolation
+Overall Appropriate Symmetry (impression/styling)
+Direction (corrective placement/flow)
+ Choosing appropriate Length & Diameter

A full set should not take more than 2 hours. We will be marking on using proper technique, proper pre-application steps, and proper aftercare instructions.




Classic Babe Box Breakdown:

1x “Pink Fig” Adhesive 2ml
1x “Lash Bomb” Cleanser
1x Cleansing Brush
1x Rinse Bottle  
1x “Drip and Dip” adhesive shields
1x Lash palette 
1x Fully Loaded Tweezer Kit
1x “Stuck Up” Bio-gel eye pads 
1x “Boy Bye” Adhesive remover
1x Disposable Spoolies
1x Micro swabs pack
1x Micro-pore tape roll
1x Lash mirror
1x Lash client aftercare card
4x Classic Lash Trays
1x “Clean Freak” Nozzle Wipes
1x “Black Dream” Face Mask



Cost: $1100 USD | $7800 TTD


Cost: $1800 USD


Course Policies

  • Students are given 3 months to complete their course from start date. Once their three months are up, students have the option to extend their deadline by three months for a fee of $30USD per month. Once 6 months has passes from original course start date, the student will be required to retake the course at a 50% discount in order to gain certification.

  • All Deposits are non-refundable and are valid up to 3 months.